Tuesday, September 24, 2013


my perspective.

Teaching perspective to my students is all about the understanding one’s place on this earth. 
Where are you? Where am I? 

Coming from Civita, then a slight transition north to a few larger hill towns, and finally arriving in Rome was quite startling for me. All went well, arriving and settling in, however, where does one begin? The assignment at hand in Civita was contained and specific. 
Then came Rome. It’s huge!

I am realizing it is truly all about ‘perspective’. Buying new shoes, using a new tool, seeing new friends, learning a new City, whatever, it takes a keen awareness and similar to understanding where you are in space at a point in time. 

I am here. Here is my station point. I am looking beyond; center of vision. Where I stand, ground plane.
A new vanishing point in this direction and that direction, my picture plane, my space;
 all essential tools in the teaching and understanding of perspective. 

I am here. Here I am!

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