Saturday, March 28, 2009

compositional study

Another 'framed' view; 
making a 'bad' composition better?
Many elements play into the 
conceptual notions of composition.

Think outside the 'frame'?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

sock monkeys

They needed to show up sometime. Yes?
holiday monkey, party monkey, may day monkey, good luck monkey, get well monkey and love monkey

window frame sketching

Window frame assignment yesterday in Fremont (Center of the Universe); afternoon sun, a comfortable place to sit, great conversation, sipping tea! Using all one's senses; shutting down surrounding conversations at the coffee shop, as needed.

The (window) frame is a useful tool to reference the true 'horizontal' and true 'vertical' to define points in space as well as define the figure/ground relationships shouting back at you.

Depth of field is key in window frame sketching: what is the emphasis the window frame or the view beyond?

Friday, March 20, 2009

night drawing: 815 Pine

A recent commissioned piece working with Bumgardner Architects of Seattle. 

Night drawings are challenging and exciting. How dark is dark? How dark is night? dusk?

I loved the composition of this view of the 
elegant tower: a gateway introduction to the City.

still life: paper bags

Paper bag study offered an excellent chance to study structure and tone. The bag in the center was the most challenging, lacking structure and form. The paper was finely rough and the soft mechanical pencil was key to the paper bag subject. Media, tone and structure: much to focus on while drawing, leaving that 'left brain' to one side, so to speak.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

still life: diagrammatic, structural, calligraphic, expressive

Finding great satisfaction today, creating a drawing, breaking down line into it's various line processes: diagrammatic, structural, calligraphic and expressive. Reaches one into their right brain way of thinking in terms of 'depictive' and 'evocative' modes, leaving the left brain ways of judgement and non-trust not part of the process.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pike place market

Pike Place Market is a wonderful place to sketch. Using all your senses and creative powers. I recently attended a terrific seminar (Bruce Morser of Vashon Island presenting) and the value of drawing and the creative process; they go 'hand in hand'.  Enhancing Creativity? Here are some thoughts:
1. sort your head, 2. no pre-conceived notions, 3. look away, no pre-conceived notions, 4. try less hard, 5. exaggerate, 6. make comparisons, 7. combine ideas, 8. bounce it off others, 9. take another swing, 10. be passionate.  So simple, Yes?