Friday, August 30, 2013

la chiesa

Turning additional pages each day in the sketchbook is satisfying and also an accurate time teller; 2 weeks in Italy so far. Civita for me is reacquainting myself with an old friend. My visit with her is much more intimate this time; we are closer as a result.

The church interior is one I did not venture into last time in 1985; maybe closed... no time? The church is peaceful, memorable and spiritual. As I was sketching yesterday afternoon, the rain came in as did the town folk and tourists, to get refuge in the church; a true cleansing.

Each sketch offers new challenges as the spaces speak new conversations. 
I began to look beyond the city walls today; that landscape. 

Holy Cow! 

much work to do in Civita!

Let's eat!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wise spirits

City of Ghosts

I do not believe in ghosts, however, I do believe in spirits. Spirits are everywhere; and yes, in they are in Civita too.
As I began my sketching session this morning, different spirits touched upon me.

Let me tell you the rules:

These spirits are those past and present. I think of them as the grand teachers that have touched my life up to now. As my pencil or paint brush dances along the page, words of wisdom and creativity flow: Tom, ’keep it simple’, Dawn, ‘always think in shape, Astra, ‘motive’.

The spirits flow in and out, moving me along. Importantly, the spirits continue to keep me present and inside my right brain.

Though Civita has reluctantly gained the nickname, ‘City of Ghosts’, I am certain Civita is a town of spirits; alive and wondrous.

Who will be meeting me next?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Perception is everything.

sequence study, toward piazza

They say when you are gazing at stars at night you are to lay down flat on the ground and you will realize stars will be surrounding you; at your toes, at your head, left and right and of course, above.
It’s all about perspective.
Italy: look everywhere; behind, above, below, beyond; you get it.

Perception is everything.

As I begin to settle into this small neighborhood of Civita and Bagnoreggio, I am continued to be amazed of how much beauty is here. Alas, then to draw. As Professor Astra Zarina would say, “Not enough life times.”

Studio work is coming together and defining for me what to draw next vs. the alternate, as I ventured out my first few days in search of the first steps. There is great power in getting out into the field however, and use all of one’s senses.

As I draw more, I am beginning to easily memorize the paths and landmarks; Civita is more clear to me; at least what I know now.  I am a recording device of sorts; one with the hand and the heart.

Tony says they have fire flies here. I am definitely on the lookout.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

a good day

a good day, working!
The evaluation of drawing beyond technique involves tools and intention.
The image above diagrams the tools available to the artist; a view toward the piazza in Civita.

the wine is very good in Italy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

as Goldilocks says: 'just right'.

Whew: Well in Civita!
What a whirlwind.
Adjustment and patterns ever changing!
My drawing is my refuge, my zone.
An Italian called me a 'buona turista' yesterday as I was drawing instead
of the other usual actions of tourists. My drawing stool is invaluable and
my pencil.

I am also adjusting to waking up and not having something scheduled. Today
is not a shopping day so I am having coffee and looking out my 'room with
a view' window, gentle breeze and not hot. I can see today may be the last
real hot day but I am scheduling a date with the 'Willa' muse today during
the heat of the day.

Shopping is huge here as I had been told many times. Dave, the other
fellow is seasoned and fluent in Italian and was a great tour guide
about confidence. Lo Studio is comfortable and as Goldilocks says: 'just
Wednesday on our 3 hour shopping hike. Boot camp works here too. You can only buy what you can carry; I did purchase a new shopping cart in town which will be so helpful to future fellows visiting. I was hoping for Italian red but instead baby blue. I had a productive day Wednesday as I begin this drawing proposal, solving the evocative and the depictive processes of drawing. 'Jury is still out.' It is an 'everywhere you turn' place and I want to capture it all. To my architect friends: Ed Bacon, Kevin Lynch and Gordon Cullen must have been writing about this place! There are some wonderful restaurants in town and a nice cafes too. Folks are kind and look at me strangely when I speak Italian. Yikes...I think it is all right'. Yes, I miss home but this is so good for me; doing it myself, mostly.(thank you, Dave). But not sure what the day may bring is a wonderful thing. I look out into the valley beyond and I have never seen anything like it; well back in '85 I did and I fell in love then too. So, keep looking for posts; I'll be there and Willa too. Write back soon. Connection is everything here and far. Church bells ringing; time to sketch.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

step by step, evocative and depictive process

Day one in sketches:
This sequence of drawings delivers me information on thoughts and processes in my right brain, hopefully, while creating a delicious view of Civita; specifically the entry to the Civita Institute.
structure, shape, figure/ground, siting, composition, value....
all those elements depicting space, urban form.

then the evocative.....'threshold'.
more about this idea soon.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

where is Gregory Peck?

In Roma:
postcards 'a plenty' of Audrey and Gregory and Vespas too!

day one: 1st impressions

OK people...this place is amazing.
My first impressions starting the day; I couldn't stop drawing.
There is so much and EVERYWHERE!

It is siesta time here so I have a chance to take a small break before I head out for more.

What a grand day.
1. Do not have your i-phone out all the time.
2. Draw; Italians love you!
3. Speak Italian; Italians will love you.
4. Leave your map in your hotel.
5. Keep a good distance from ' i turisti.'
6. Turn right or left from any major landmark and you will find a wonderful restaurant.


p.s. hoping the repro will get better as I do more publishing.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

this bird is going to travel to Italy:
'eating spaghetti for breakfast' and other wild adventures.
Stay tuned...
for this 'Willa' bird and her friends.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

keen senses, visual notes

Being out there: listening, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting; all of those.
Remembering that 2 hours of time yesterday at Fisher Pavilion:

 The smell of summer, those skateboarders rolling on the pavement, 
hot afternoon sun keeping me warm, 
the taste of popcorn,
the sounds music and 'oohs and ahhs' of the crowd near the international fountain, 
seeing beautiful forms in the landscape.

Then there is the architecture; 
as the pencil dances along on the page, 
discovering the architects dialogue of a well designed structure, 
simple strong and elegant.
 The creators; using their keen senses, well.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

count my blessings: check!


already August.
Art show and Opening: check!
2 weeks 'til Italy: check!
Italian lessons complete: check!

count my blessings: check!

back to studio: check!