Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring classes offered.

Urban Design and Field Sketching

Beyond urban sketching, I will be presenting concepts of perspective drawing, sequence viewing, urban design, expressive 
landscapes and the discovery of this great city, Seattle.
Each class will be in different locations within the city, meeting at sites, working in 'plein air'  and creating beautiful, urban landscapes.
Seattle sites, all around town.

Queen Anne Studio
Limit 8
Begins 1st week of April evening and afternoon sessions available.
8 week class: 2 hours each session  $400
(private instruction available)

Drawing with Intention

Drawing Instruction: beginning and intermediate classes, evening and afternoon sessions available.
Small group classes on a weekly basis. 
Intermediate classes will 'dive in' to perspective classes.

Queen Anne Studio
Limit 6
Begins 1st week of April,  evening and afternoon sessions available.
8 week class: 2 hours each session  $400
(private instruction available)

Beginning Watercolor: Painting with Intention

Develop an understanding of transparent watercolor, discovering it's 4 variables and beauty of the paint.

Queen Anne Studio
Limit 6
Begins week of March 3rd, evening and afternoon sessions available.
8 week class: 2 hours each session  $400
(private instruction available)


titles; moment in time

Naming your work becomes critical in the evocative side of painting.

A clear headed destination, 
in a sometime circular, at times, 
logarithmic process (never a straight line?);
 how I hold on to the gesture, the meaning, the spirit of place 
with a concept to guide in the creation of a moment in time.

' lo studio'

'crossing over'

' laundry day'

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

expressive drawing class

last night in class we investigated 3 additional design concepts:
 rhythm, emphasis and foundational grid.

The students were dancing and drawing; I was smiling.

#powerful works.

Friday, February 7, 2014

a new palette, today

remarkable; from Rome palette to Civita's palette; quite a change.
Color with intention, for sure.

Check out this inspiring and educational aspect of italian hilltowns and their palette here:
Great work of Betty Merken,
2011 Astra Zarina Fellow
The Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy/ Civita Institute

Thursday, February 6, 2014

visual notes, remembering

Going back in time and remembering, has been one of the great benefits of drawing in Italy.
I do have reference photographs of places; but once I begin the process of recreating views, 
I have once again landed in the magical and meditative times of my visit to Italy, last Fall.

The power of drawing; keeps on giving.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

neighborhood: roma

color scheme: luscious!

look out for more.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

value studies in watercolor

 value studies; tells you so much!
Before beginning any watercolor the practice of a value study is critical.

Every time, I ask myself, where is that light coming from; what time of day is it?
This method forces you to think in shapes; 
training you in the right-brain processes; ideal for painting.

On a personal note, I take my glasses off; studying shape and not that detail nonsense; perfect.

Squinting works too. Try it.